For Bowiet, YOUR SAFETY and maintaining a climate of honesty in the community is very important, so we count on your understanding about the care we take to avoid frauds of which you yourself can be a victim.

Due to the high incidence of electronic fraud in the world, Bowiet, through the mechanisms of Stripe, Inc. reserves the right to approve or cancel some orders that could be within the risk criteria set by Stripe, Inc.

Bowiet will not request documents from you to approve or cancel an order. It will be up to Stripe, Inc. and its security mechanisms to decide who might be violating the security that Bowiet wants to take care of for its customers. We invite you to make safe, responsible and orderly use of your cards and accounts with which you make payments.

When Stripe, Inc. approves your order, your order will be shipped and the delivery time will begin to run (5 to 15 business days).

When your transaction is rejected by Stripe, Inc. you will receive an automatic refund to the card or account you paid with. Some banks may take up to 30 days to reflect that refund on your statement.

Thank you for your understanding.